There are a lot of great Outfitters out there, but let’s face it, there are some that are not! For those that are not, there really isn’t a good way to tell until you get there. They all say they are great and shoot big deer. Guess what? How do you really know? Now that you have looked forward to your trip for so long, taken time off work, paid money for tags, travel and other expenses, you don’t have any choice but to stick it out or go home. Which one sounds good to you? Would you rather have a reliable resource to consult to check out the outfitter? You bet!

With that said, there are sites out there now where sometimes even hunters don’t even provide accurate information. Sometimes where things fall through the cracks between an Outfitter and a hunter is communication or possibly, a misunderstanding.What Hunt Trip Guru wants to do is bridge the gap between hunter and Outfitter by providing an accurate, in-depth and reliable way for them to connect. Is it an exact science? Not yet. However, with the our efforts to carry our mission and the hunters assistance in providing feedback, we can create one heck of a database!