Ever been on a paid hunt and realized immediately upon arrival you made a bad choice?” It really wasn’t your fault. You just didn’t have a way to get all of the right information to make a good choice. Now, you do! Welcome to Hunt Trip Guru! We are on your side to level the playing field. The time has come for a one stop resource to get to the bottom of the “right information” – no more rip-offs!

Feel confident that if an Outfitter is on this website, he is legit! All Outfitters have agreed to an “open-door” policy to provide Hunt Trip Guru with answers to very detailed questions about their operation; to include, but not limited to the following: Property, Lodging, Success Rate, Shot Opportunity and Hunter Reviews. In other words, if an Outfitter can’t or won’t provide all of the necessary information to get an accurate picture of their operation then they will not be listed on this website, period! All Outfitters have to maintain a certain quality score or they will be dropped, simple as that. One of the major components of this score is hunter reviews. So, with the team work of Hunt Trip Guru and you (the Hunter) trustworthy and reliable outfitters will be the end result.