How does Hunt Trip Guru (HTG) get information from Outfitters?

We check them out through many resources, but mainly through detailed conversations and conducting an in-depth interview utilizing questions and research created by years of whitetail hunting experience. HTG was very open-minded when putting together their criteria and consulted many other experienced hunter and Outfitters to compile an effective research strategy.

What is the criteria for including an Outfitter?

Our initial mindset starting out is there is always more information needed from an Outfitter for a hunter to make a right decision. HTG has an extensive interview process that is designed to make the Outfitter be as forthcoming and honest as possible. References are contacted and all hunters that hunted with an Outfitter the year before are contacted – not just the good ones. We contact all of them to make sure we are getting the complete picture.

Can hunters contact HTG for advice or additional information?

Advice, no. Additional information, yes.

Does HTG guarantee a hunter’s satisfaction with an Outfitter?

No. Only two things completely guaranteed in life and you know what those are – the rest is based on probabilities of success or failure. What HTG can guarantee on our end is your chances of success are a lot higher by using our information than trying to figure it out on your own.

How can I review an Outfitter?

Yes. We highly encourage it. Please do. Your help with greatly enhance our database for others.

Can HTG contact me?

Yes. However, if you select on your account that you do not want to be contacted for news, products, deals or coupons we will not. We always reserve the right to contact you regarding any issues that may arise with your account.

Can I post a review without setting up an account?

No. Helps prevent false information or malicious comments by unknown or unidentified person.

Do Outfitters pay to get better reviews or rank higher on your list?

No. This would totally break down the whole purpose of this website. Hunters are the driving force and are the only ones that will regulate the rankings. The only way for an Outfitter to rank higher is to have more quality reviews.

Then, what are the Ads all about?

These are paid by the Outfitter to promote their business or a special deal they might have. Keep in mind, an Outfitter can’t be on this website without being reviewed by HTG.